3 Homemade Remedies To Survive The North Texas Cold & Flu Season

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3 Homemade Remedies To Survive The North Texas Cold & Flu Season

Classic Chicken Soup


Printable Classic Chicken Soup Recipe

Homemade cold remedies help you feel warm and fuzzy when you need a pick me up! Also great for bringing to sick friends who need one too (they’ll love you forever).


Printable Recipe For Soothing Elixir  

The moment I feel myself getting the sniffles, I grab a few lemons, some ginger, some green tea, cinnamon, and some local, raw honey and I make myself this Soothing Elixir for cold and flu season.  It’s so deeply nourishing and easy to make and helps to boost immunity.

You can make it in the crockpot and let it simmer all day, ladle a hot glass when you want, or you can make it on the stovetop. Either way works great and there are many “add-ins” you can put it in to add more nutrition.

Printable Directions For Vapor Shower Melts 

These easy shower melts require no essential oils – just mix cornstarch with vapor rub together and in 20 minutes your shower melts are ready for stuffy nose relief. The most common use of melts is to decongest your chest and throat. Breath in and relax to help alleviate your cold and flu symptoms.


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