4th of July Weekend – Texas Style

There is just something special about celebrating Independence Day Texas Style and this year most of us have three days to celebrate because the Fourth is on Friday.  This holiday has always been a favorite of mine and my husband.  We’ve incorporated many traditions from both of our families and some new ones of our own. Many childhood memories are filled with grilled hamburgers, watermelon (with seeds), and black cat firecrackers. Every year I would “bippity boppity boo” all over the yard with a lit sparkler, the fairy godmother had nothing on me. Admit it; you smiled just now if you remember doing the same thing. Heading home on Hwy 377 today I see that the fireworks stands are open for business.  We’ll have all the traditional fireworks this year and come next weekend I can guarantee someone in my family will be granting wishes with some sparklers.  

In addition to fireworks and cookouts, families will be heading out to area lakes and rivers all over Texas this year for boating and camping.  I love a special little place called The Mill Hole on a branch of the Brazos River. Its spring fed and is always deep and cool even in a drought. The Mill Hole was actually a grain mill back in the day and the foundations are still set in the middle of the river.  We can climb up on them and lie in the sun or set our lawn chairs right in the water on the shady side of the bank.  My girls learned to swim, fish, skip rocks, and make mud castles here.  For me it’s the best place to celebrate this Fourth of July.  We will reconnect with each other and our close friends and be recharged to return to regular daily life the following week.

Comment and let me know your best Independence Day memories and what you’ll be doing with your family this year.