Audible Alert GFCI Electrical Protection You Can Hear

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Audible Alert GFCI Electrical Protection You Can Hear

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TECL 19542

GFCI protection is vital to ensure electrical safety in both residential and commercial settings. A power interruption due to a ground fault provides important protection to people but can shut down freezers, sump pumps and other necessary equipment if left undetected. Often, however, GFCIs in garages, basements or large commercial kitchens may be located in an out-of-the-way place such as a back corner or storage area making daily visual checks for tripping unlikely.

When a condition exists causing the Audible Alert to trip, users will be alerted by the sounding of an audible alarm. This audible alert indicates that power has been disconnected from loads plugged into or fed from the GFCI so users can immediately assess the reason and reset the device. The GFCI with Audible Alert offers all the outstanding benefits you expect including our patented reset/lockout feature. Plus, the slim profile is compact and easy to install in any wallbox, even shallow ones.

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