Back To School – Then & Now

Valerie is one of TLC’s Customer Service Representatives.  She has been in mourning for two weeks. Her little girl started kindergarten yesterday.  Little Aaliyah was taken shopping for all the latest in Lisa Frank school supplies.  Her outfit carefully selected and her mother packed her favorite lunch in her new Minnie Mouse lunch box.  Then without looking back she was off to her first day of school.  After dropping her daughter off, Valerie staggered into the office with unshed tears in her eyes.  It’s been a long time but I remember what this feels like.

Not long ago back to school time was a whirlwind of activity. It meant filling out endless enrollment forms that all seemed to ask for the same information and hard to fill school supply list.  Then as the kids got older it included locker assignments, parking passes, and athletic exams.  It was a head spinning experience at the end of each summer.

For us, back to school this year was quiet and quick. This past weekend my husband and I helped our kids load their cars, hugs and good-byes were exchanged, and then they drove away.  We stood in the driveway looking at the tail lights then each other.  He asked me, “Now what do you want do?”  I blinked back my own unshed tears, and shrugged my shoulders.  I’m consoled with the fact that they will have a great time and will be headed back home with dirty laundry and in need of some real food very soon.

Good luck this year to all those starting school and returning to school.  And to all you parents, enjoy these times, they will be gone too soon.