Back To School Study Tips For Parents and Students

        STUDY TIPS

1. Study When Sleepy– Read your review for your test right before bedtime. During Sleep, the brain strengthens new memories. There is a chance you might remember what you reviewed.

2. Move Around– Research suggest learning the same stuff in a different place make it less likely for you to forget.

3. Black or Blue– You’re more likely to remember something that you wrote in blue ink than black ink.

4. Stimulate Your Brain– Peppermint stimulates the brain and helps with concentration.

5. Be the Teacher– While studying for a certain subject, pretend that you will have to teach the material it helps you pay more attention.

6. Say It Out Loud– Reading information out loud helps you store it mentally in two ways: Seeing it and Hearing it.

7. Omegas “A Little Fishy”- Studies Show Omega – 3 Fatty Acids helps boost the brains potential. Found in certain fish, nuts, and olive oils. Plus, studies show it can reduce test anxiety.

8. Space It Out– Studying hard for 30-50 minutes at a time with10 minute breaks in between is the most effective way to study. Space Repetition (breaking things into small chunks over time). Learn a few rows every day and reviewing them close to a test is even better.

9. Eat Up– Eating chocolate while studying will help the brain retain information easily.

10. Write It Out– Writing something out is the equivalent to reading it 7 times.

11. Come Together with Others– Pick a few studious pals and get together every few days to review the study materials. Put one person in charge of giving each person a task.

12. Exercise– Try to get 30 minutes of aerobic exercise to stimulate the brains processing speed.

13. Take a Deep Breath– Try some Aromatherapy. Take a whiff of Rosemary or Lavender to calm down the nerves.

14. Learn to Dance– Give your study notes a soundtrack and dance to the beat. Plus, music can also help relieve the stress.

15. Find Your Zone– Learn your good study times, places, and ways. Experiment to find what’s most effective for you and continue doing that pattern.


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