Anywhere You Want It – Chandelier Installation

There was a time when chandeliers were for formal spaces.  They were big, elaborate, and expensive. Having one in your home seemed out of reach for most people.   Several years ago we would install the largest number of chandeliers during the month of November, just in time for Thanksgiving.  We are seeing a huge new trend in our industry, people are now having chandeliers installed in bathrooms over bathtubs, in master closets, home offices, children’s bedrooms, and even in a pantry.   And I’m not referring to mega mansions, these are everyday homes for everyday people.

The selection available to homeowners is large and varied.  Chandeliers are found online, in lighting boutiques, and big box supply stores.  With a little legwork anyone can find one to match their décor and their budget.  We have retrofitted and upgraded many antique and flea market finds for our customers.   More than once, our technicians have uninstalled a favorite fixture at an existing home that has been sold and followed our customer to their new home to install it there for them.  My favorites are the ones that have been in the family or packed away and are brought to our shop in the hope that “something” can be done with them.  And when we repair and install these treasures they light up more than just the room.

Anything can be turned into a chandelier and installed. Pinterest has so many ideas and all of them are possible.  If you see something you like and want to try call us.  Chances are very good that we can recreate the Pinterest items for you.

Some of our Chandelier Installations can be seen on our website  Or you can call us at 817-424-2684 and we will be happy to help you.