Getting Ready for the Holidays

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I love Thanksgiving and Christmas! But let’s face it, the Holidays can be hectic. Is there anyone who cannot relate to National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation in some small way?

Avoid any Clark Griswold moments this Holiday Season by following a few easy suggestions.

Eat as much turkey as you can hold but don’t overload your electrical circuits.

Extra guests, appliances, and Holiday decorations can add to the load on your electrical system. Never overload electrical outlets with extension cords or power strips. GFI outlets in your kitchen, bath or garage will trip when too much is plugged in. These can generally be reset after unplugging everything on the GFI circuit. If overloading on the GFI circuit continues, the devices will wear out and need to be replaced.

Tripping circuits breakers are not only a nuisance but can point to potential safety issues that need to be addressed. If you have more than you would usually plug in on the circuit, unplug everything possible on the circuit and than reset the circuit breaker by first flipping all the off and than back to the on position. If the circuit breaker will not reset then it is time to contact a licensed electrician.

Whether you install ten strands of Christmas lights, or like Clark Griswold, 250 strands, you’ll want them to power up and stay lit. Plug your decorations into a weatherproof electrical outlet on a dedicated circuit and save money by installing a programmable time clock to control your Christmas lights.

Consider white LED Christmas lights on trees and fences as these can be left up year round. Looking for an upgrade? Install permanent, color changing, LED Christmas lights that can be programmed to your favorite Christmas music.

Have a safe Holiday Season, and remember, if you wake up with a cold oven on Thanksgiving Day, TLC Electrical is your 24 hour emergency electrician.