A Guide to the Three Basic Types of Lighting

Lighting is one of the most basic elements of home design. It illuminates spaces, accents features, and allows you to focus on a variety of tasks. Before choosing a light scheme for your home, it’s important to consider the different functions of lighting. Read on for more on the different lighting types, and how to integrate them into your home.

Ambient Lighting

When you flick on a light switch, you are filling a room with ambient light. Also known as general lighting, ambient lighting is used to create uniform lighting throughout a room. You can achieve ambient lighting in a number of ways. Many homeowners install ceiling-mounted lights that point downwards. Other options include wall-mounted lamps, sconces, or soffit features that bounce light off of ceilings and walls.

Task Lighting

Whether you are reading, cooking, or engaging in some other task, you often need special lighting to see and focus on what you are doing. This lighting, known as task lighting, can take many forms. In a kitchen, task lighting mounted just over a counter can assist with food preparation. Desk lamps and lamps on end tables are forms of task lighting that help you to read and work.

Accent Lighting

While the two other forms of lighting serve a specific function, accent lighting is all about complementing the style of a home. Indoors, it can be used to draw attention to artwork, plants, bookcases, and other attractive features. Outside, accent lighting often illuminates sculptures, fountains, or other landscaping features. In general, it is best to choose and install ambient lighting before settling on an accent lighting option. Once general lighting is in place, you will have a much narrower set of accent options to choose from.

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