Happy National LED DAY!

On October 7, 2014, Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano and Shuji Nakamura received the Nobel Prize in Physics for the development of blue light-emitting diodes. To understand why this was a Nobel-worthy achievement, we must know the history of LED lighting.
The earliest LEDs created in the late 1950s and early 1960s produced only a red colored light. Slowly researchers developed other colors, but blue was the tricky one. Its shorter wavelength proved harder to reproduce. With Akasaki, Amano and Nakamura’s invention, white LEDs were now possible.
LED lights help save on our energy costs. The low power consumption, high reliability and long lifespan allow us to realize significant energy savings and maintenance reduction over the lifetime of an LED fixture.
The fewer LED bulbs changed means there are fewer bulbs thrown away. LED bulbs have a much smaller impact on the environment than other light sources. Also, because LEDs use electricity very efficiently, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced.
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