The Hazards of Attempting Your Own Electrical Work

Electrical work should never be attempted by a homeowner. Many electrical problems can’t be detected without specialized equipment and can present hidden dangers that linger in your home’s electrical system unnoticed, sometimes years after the fact. Only a licensed electrician should handle electrical work in your home. Here is a look at some of the hazards you will face if you attempt DIY electrical repair.

Shock Hazards
One of the most obvious hazards of do-it-yourself electrical work is the risk of shock. While a small shock can be unpleasant, a fully-powered home electrical system carries more than enough voltage to deliver a deadly current. Shock hazards can continue to be present even after the work has apparently been completed to satisfaction. Incorrectly-wired components, hidden contacts, and other issues can eventually present themselves in dangerous and shocking ways. Your service panel can even become a source of potential electrocution even if DIY work was completed at a different part of the house.

Arc Hazards
Arcing occurs when electricity jumps from one contact to another. This can be caused by overvoltage, proximity, and other unprotected aspects of electrical components. A major problem with arc hazards is that someone doesn’t necessarily need to be in contact with a charged or live electrical component but only close enough for the arcing to take place. Arcing can also occur behind walls where these electrical components are unseen, which in turn presents the risk of electrical fires.

Electrical Fire Hazards
Electrical fires are often the result of arcing, but can also occur due to overloads. When an improperly-wired circuit overloads and the electrical service panel does not trip the breaker, the wire overheats because it can handle the amount of current flowing through it. A fire can start at an outlet, when an appliance is plugged in, and even behind the walls where fire can spread throughout a home nearly unseen.

It is vital that all electrical work is left to licensed electricians. TLC Electrical of Southlake, TX offers residential electrical repair services that meet national safety standards. We can ensure that your system is safe. Learn more when you visit us online, or call us at (817) 424-2684.