Is This Hidden Danger in Your Home?

A home should be a safe haven for the family that lives in it. While many homeowners factor security into the home safety equation, there are a number of other hidden dangers that may be lurking between your walls. One of the most damaging (and deadly) dangers is a specific circuit breaker that is still found in homes throughout the United States. To learn about this serious danger that can be identified and eliminated by an experienced electrician, continue reading this article.

The Faulty Circuit Breaker

Between 1960 and 1983, the Federal Pacific Stab Lok circuit breaker was installed in electrical panels in hundreds of thousands of homes throughout the country. Unlike most circuit breakers, the Stab Lok does not cut out when it becomes overheated. Instead, it continues to generate energy and send it to the shorted circuit.

The Risks Posed by It

One of the primary purposes a circuit breaker serves is to detect potential fire hazards and trip up when one is discovered, thereby preventing an electrical fire. Unfortunately, the Federal Pacific Stab Lok breaker—described by some experts as “a fire waiting to happen”—has been deemed responsible for numerous house fires across the country.

The Solution

Decades of research have been conducted on the Federal Pacific Stab Lok breaker, and the findings suggest that the system is universally defective. This means that the only recommendable solution to this problem is to have a skilled electrician dismantle it and replace it with a breaker that has a proven track record for being safe.

The faulty circuit breaker discussed in this article is just one of many dangerous electrical elements that could be in your home. To arrange to have an experienced electrician take a look at your house and rid it of any electrical hazards that may be present, call TLC Electrical at (817) 424-2684. Our electricians proudly serve the Southlake, Grapevine, Colleyville, Keller, and surrounding areas.