Holiday Lighting Fire Safety Tips for Every Homeowner

From the use of unsuitable lights to accidental contact with power lines, there are numerous dangers associated with stringing holiday lights. To avoid making common and hazardous mistakes when you light your home this holiday season, take the following advice to heart and consider hiring an experienced electrician to help you out.

Do Not Overload Circuits

Most of the time, overloaded circuits and outlets will trigger your circuit breaker’s emergency trip system and result in lost power. If your circuit breaker is outdated or faulty, however, overloading your home’s electrical circuits can cause a destructive electrical fire. When hanging lights outdoors, only ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protected circuits should be used.

String Appropriate Lights

No matter what your budget is, you should be able to find safe holiday lights that have been tested. It is also important that you only use lighting that has been specifically designed for the holidays. Also, be sure to heed the manufacturer’s warnings when hanging lights, as different bulbs warrant different safety precautions.

Only Hang Lights on Fire-Safe Trees

Most artificial Christmas trees are fire-resistant, making them the most ideal for hanging holiday lights. If you prefer to use a real tree, make sure that it is fresh as long as electric lights are strung on it. Dry pine needles are highly flammable, so be sure to refill the water bowl often.

Check All Lights Before Hanging

New or old, incandescent or LED, each bulb on every strand of lights strung on your house should be closely inspected. You will want to replace burnt out bulbs for aesthetic reasons, but you should also toss any bulbs with cracked sockets or loose connections to prevent the risk of sparks and electrical fires.

All of the problems discussed in this article can be avoided when you hire an experienced electrician to hang your Christmas lights for you. At TLC Electrical in Southlake, we specialize in tree lighting, holiday lighting, and other decorative lighting services. To arrange to have a team of highly qualified electricians adorn your Colleyville, Grapevine, or Southlake home with brilliant holiday lights, call (817) 424-2684 today.