TLC Electrical’s Journeyman Electrician vs. “The Pool Guy”

Journeyman Electrician vs. “The Pool Guy”

We are often asked what the difference is between TLC Electrical’s Licensed Electricians and a Customer’s regular “pool guy”.

A Journeyman License in the State of Texas requires 8,000 hours of training and on the job experience while being supervised by a Licensed Master Electrician who had to have a minimum of 12,000 hours of on the job experience as a Journeyman Electrician to obtain his Master Electrician License. He than must pass an extensive exam based on the National Electrical Code Book. Even with the necessary experience and passed exam both can only perform electrical work while being employed by a Licensed Electrical Contractor.  In short, every Licensed Journeyman Electrician has 20,000 hours of actual experience behind him and his knowledge has been thoroughly tested. He is now allowed to work on all electrical systems in residential and commercial properties.  In addition, Master & Journeyman Electricians must complete an additional 4 hours of testing and training and pay a fee each year in order to renew their Electrical License.

A “Pool Guy” has a Residential Appliance Installer License issued by TDLR. To obtain this license he has given his personal information and paid a fee of $30.  No experience or training is required. He is required to be employed by a Residential Appliance Installation Contractor that has paid an application fee and submitted Proof of Insurance for minimum insurance requirements. The  Residential Appliance Installation Contractor is not required to have a Master Electrician in his employment and again  no experience or training is required.   He will be required to pay an annual fee to keep his license current but he is not required to obtain any training and again there is no annual test.  The “Pool Guy’ is now ready to install your expensive Swimming Pool Equipment which is considered to be “appliances”. Appliance Installation is the only electrical work he is allowed to perform under his Residential Appliance Installer License.