Lighten Up: A Look at the History and Advantages of LED Lighting [INFOGRAPHIC]

What do the color blue, the 1987 sci-fi film “Robcop” and energy savings all have in common? If you guessed LED lighting, then our work here is finished. Kidding! In 2013 and beyond, LED’s uses are only expanding. Once only available in the color blue, the ways you can light your home with LED have changed drastically in recent history. Today you have options for cool or warm tones and can have them installed for your home, pool, security lighting, landscaping and more. One of best aspects is that all of them are dimmable. If you still use incandescent light bulbs, you could be wasting energy and money, as LED lights use far less energy to create the same amount of light as compact fluorescent (CFL) and incandescent bulbs. Just ask your Southlake electrician: LEDs are more durable and longer-lasting, which translates into more money staying in your pocket. Take a look at our infographic to learn about the history of LED lighting and to discover how these little powerhouses can benefit you. You can share the infographic on your web site, blog, Facebook, Twitter and more to spread the word about saving money with LED lighting.