Zap Zing BOOM – That’s a Lightning Strike – Southlake Electricians

It’s late in the evening; you’re snuggled up safe inside on the couch watching TV while a thunderstorm rages outside. Then the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and there is a bright flash and a loud BOOM rattles your entire home.  The aroma of ozone and smoke fills the room. You feel your way in the dark and try a couple of light switches but no lights comes on. The rest of your family gathers to compare thoughts and someone searches for a flash light.  This is when you start to notice the walls are charred around the outlets and switches and you realize your home has just experienced a lighting strike.

These pictures are from an actual customer’s home that received a direct lighting strike during Monday’s (May 12, 2014) thunderstorms. However, a home does not need to suffer a direct lighting strike to sustain damage.  Powerful electrical surges (electric magnetic pulses) can be emitted from an indirect strike. When these surges pass over anything that can conduct electricity, i.e. copper wires and metal pipes, the current will be carried to the end point: outlets, switches, fixtures, appliances, and expensive electronics. Having whole-house surge protection installed at the electrical panel will protect against damage from indirect lighting strikes by detecting and routing the excessive electrical power to ground before it can create any damage. But a direct strike will cause damage to the wiring, devices, and electrical panel. In either instance a homeowner will need a complete licensed electrical inspection to detect and assess the damage. A licensed electrical contractor will be able to communicate, submit test results, and make recommendations to your insurance carrier for any necessary repairs.

If you are experiencing any problems due to the recent thunderstorms in our area, contact TLC Electrical today for a lightning strike inspection, 817-424-2684,