Modern Lighting Ideas for Your Home

Most homes come with plenty of fixtures to provide enough lighting for all rooms, but what about when you add some extra flair without any major modifications? Sometimes a bit of decorative lighting can change the entire look and feel of a home with ease. Take a look below for some tips on where to start:

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting typically focuses in one direction and creates lots of shadows around a specific area or object. This is ideal for highlighting plants, walls, or fixtures to create a striking contrast. Dark surfaces such as accent walls tend to absorb more light, so accent lighting may also be used in conjunction with ambient lighting to create a more unified look.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is primarily for utilitarian purposes, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be stylish. If you’re trying to brighten up a room, track lighting can provide a nice modern look. Alternatively, you can tuck track lighting away out of sight under cabinets or in recessed fixtures; the key is to provide light while avoiding glare. Also be aware that different types of light bulbs will produce different types of light.

Ambient Lighting

Adding some ambient lighting with a few fixtures or even a dimmer switch can provide a room with a soft glow and dark areas. Ambient lighting can also be useful for outdoors with pool lights or even path lighting. For more practical purposes, a skillfully placed chandelier can transform a drab dining room or living room into a chic living space.

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