National Day of WHAT? Southlake Electrician

Everyday is a National Day of something somewhere.   They are fun to post on Facebook and we hear about the more humorous ones on morning radio shows while heading into the office.  Well April 17 is National Get To Know Your Customer Day.  It comes around four times a year on the third Thursday of each new quarter.  Who knew?  I’ll admit it’s been passing by me unnoticed all this time.

I’m often asked “Who are your customers?” and “What’s your target market?”  Most of the time these questions come from someone trying to help me with our advertising needs.  My answer every time is “Any one who uses electricity.”

After many years in this business there are the customers that stand out in our memories. Good, bad, funny, and sometimes sad; from the woman in Flower Mound that said she wanted us to send her a good looking electrician (we sent her two), to the elderly French gentleman in Southlake that always made a personal appearance at our office to schedule and pay for all his appointments.

One that stands out is a Vietnamese family in Farmers Branch.  During a typical Texas thunder storm a huge tree branch fell onto their exterior electrical panel and knocked it off the house. This was during the time of Yellow Pages, before Google Searches. They called some electrical service contractors with bigger ads in the phonebook before they called TLC, however we had the patient to sort through the language barrier. The father was so upset; I remember repeating to him “I’m going to help you.” until he calmed down.  We made the repair and they had power and most importantly air conditioning by that same evening.  A happy ending for a Southlake Electrician.