Not Your Ordinary Outlet

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There was a time when all electrical outlets were basically the same, they could accommodate two or sometimes four electrical cords.  Necessary and convenient to everyday life and not much thought was given to them.

Manufactures have recently combined the latest in LED lighting technology and the consumer’s need for easy accessible smart devices charging and turned these common household devices into next generation combination convenience items.

First we have a variety of combination USB Tamper Resistant Charging Outlets.   This innovative line quickly and conveniently charges smart phones, tablets, e-readers, cameras, MP3 players and more.  Available in two-port/two plug, two-port/one plug, and straight up 4- port charging outlet.  And each outlet comes in five standard colors to match existing plates and outlets.

Tamper Resistant GFCI Nightlight Outlets have a warm incandescent like glow and can be installed in kitchens and bathrooms in place of standard GFCI outlets.  A light sensor turns the LED nightlight on in the dark and OFF in the light. Also available in five standard colors. No more bulky and unsightly night light plugs taking up much needed outlet space.

Last is a Tamper Resistant Combination Outlet & LED Nightlight. A lot of words for a little convenience.  This device also uses a light sensor to turn off and on but when on it has a dimmable feature so you can select the perfect level of desired light.  Also in five standard colors, these are perfect for hallways and children’s rooms.

Each of the outlets are Eaton family products and TLC Electrical is an Eaton Certified Installer.  We can easily install any of these combination outlets in your home or office anywhere there is an existing electrical outlet.  Call us at 817-424-2684 to schedule your installation.

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