Southlake Electricians – Electrical Panel Fire & Water Do Not Mix (2 of 3)

Southlake Electricians - TLC Electrical - Electrical Fire? Sound the alarm.

While this story from our Southlake electricians has a positive ending, it’s a scary story that could have turned out far worse. Remember, electrical fires and water do not mix.

On a Sunday morning a customer lost power to his home.  Thinking it was just some tripped circuit breakers, he went into his garage to check his electrical panel.  What he discovered was indeed scary.  His electrical panel and the wall above it were actually on fire.  Thinking quickly but not clearly he grabbed a bucket of water and threw it at the electrical panel.  Here I have to warn, never use water on an electrical fire as water is a conductor of electricity and can cause electrocution.

However in this case, and to this day we don’t know why, the water put the fire out and miraculously no one was shocked or injured.  After calling the fire department and receiving the all clear from them the customer called TLC Electrical and we installed a new electrical panel for him.  He and his family slept safe in their own home that same night.  The best way to put out an electrical fire is with a class-c or multi-purpose fire extinguisher.  Second is with baking soda.  If you don’t have either of these or it is beyond your capability to extinguish it safely it is best to remove yourself, loved ones, and pets to a safe location and contact the fire department.  Let them know it is an electrical fire so they will be prepared to deal with it when they arrive.