Southlake Electricians | That’s electricity in those wires ma’am (1 of 3)

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You would not believe some of the scary stories our Southlake electricians see and here. Since we’re getting close to Halloween I thought I would share just a few. Here’s the first with more to follow. You’ll be shocked. 🙂

Several years ago we received a call from a customer requesting we send an electrician to her home immediately.  She had an emergency that she did not want to discuss over the phone.  So not knowing what we were getting into we dispatched an electrican to her.  When he arrived he discovered every one of her electrical outlets and switches had been pulled from the walls.  She had unscrewed them and pulled them out then used wire cutters to cut the wires on each of these devices, however the circuit breakers in the electrical panel had not been turned off and the electrical wires were still “hot”.

There was an immediate danger of electrocution, fire or both. The electrician turned the power off at the electrical panel and went to consult with the homeowner.  Turns out she was convinced that people were watching her and listening to her through the electrical wires in her home and wanted all the devices replaced.  As the customer watched, the technician replaced and tested each of her electrical outlets and switches.  He then showed her how to turn off the circuit breakers if she felt she was being watched again.  So far she has not called back with the same problem.