Southlake Electricians – Pool Electrical – Don’t Swim with Shocks (3 of 3)

Southlake Electricians - TLC Electrical - Don't Swim with Shocks

You may have a heated pool and swim year-round. So our Southlake electricians have these words of advice: Don’t Swim with Shocks!

Here’s another scary electrical story that could have ended in a very bad way.

As a customer was getting ready to enjoy his swimming pool this past spring he noticed his pool equipment not working properly.  His pool pump was not coming on and neither was the automatic pool sweeper in his swimming pool.  He called TLC Electrical and our electrician discovered a burned GFI electrical outlet at his pool equipment.

The GFI protecting his pool equipment had burned up and was not doing its job of keeping electrical current out of the customer’s water.  Curious, the electrician dropped one end of a voltage meter into the pool and grounded the other end on the pool’s ladder.  Most times when a GFI fails the current in the water can be 10 to 20 volts, but the water in this customer’s pool was reading at 90 volts.  Enough to cause serious injury or even death had someone jumped into the water.

The electrician turned off the pool’s electrical power at the sub-panel.  Due to the age and condition of this customer’s existing electrical swimming pool equipment, TLC Electrical replaced it with new energy efficient Pentair pool equipment and LED swimming pool lighting. Another happy ending. One last caution though, be safe and evacuate everyone out of the swimming pool if any one feels even the slightest tingle of electricity while in the water.