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It’s February. For most of us, it’s a time to celebrate the loves in our life. My husband and I will be married 25 years this summer and 18 of those years have been spent working together in the same office. When people hear this about us they often ask, “How do you do it and stay together?” We usually laugh and shrug it off while assuring them that we still “like” each other.

In 2001, Thomas wanted to form an electrical service company that would focus mainly on electrical repairs and electrical installations. This was scary to me because our business had mainly been residential remodels and commercial construction. But we forged ahead and named our new business TLC Electrical. Normally we think of TLC as the common acronym for Tender, Love and Care. While that’s certainly a main focus in the service we provide our customers, TLC in this case is a combination of Thomas’s and my initials.

TLC Electrical is the classic family owned and operated business and we love what we do. So far we have over 9,000 customers and have performed 22,000 plus service calls. Through the years, all four of our daughters have worked at TLC Electrical. Three of our girls are off at college. Stephanie, who was always a customer favorite, is working in the insurance industry now. Summer isn’t far away though. Call us then, and you’ll likely speak to one of them. Whenever necessary our girls step into the rhythm of this place, just like joining in to cook dinner with us at home.

As far as working together everyday and staying happily married, we have a few simple guidelines. Our offices are at opposite ends of the building, (really only 19 steps), and our roles in the company are clearly defined. My team takes care of marketing, accounting, and scheduling. Thomas’s team is the heart of our business, the technicians and service managers that take care of our customers everyday. In addition, Thomas keeps on top of all the new technology in the electrical industry and it’s applications for our customers. The latest trend right now is all of the new LED lighting applications for homes and business. Other than separating our roles at TLC Electrical we try to stick to talking about business in the office only and save our time at home for us.

If you work with your significant other every day we would love to hear about your success story. Give us some feed back on how you make it work for you.

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