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Certified Generac Installer
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18 KW, 20 KW, 22 KW & 24 KW
Natural Gas & Propane

TLC Electrical can install an automatic back up generator in your home or business. Temporary loss of power can cause everything from minor inconvenience such as the alarm clock not going off to a major catastrophe when medical equipment fails to operate.

Automatic Back Up Generator can power:

  Medical Equipment   Security System
    Air Conditioning   Computer Network
    Appliances   Home Office
    Lighting   Pool Equipment


  • Fully Automatic Operation – The home standby generator starts, transfers power, and stops automatically based on the available utility power.
  • Air cooled and Liquid cooled models
  • All units can be fueled by either natural gas or liquid propane
  • Built-in diagnostics. System is self-checked through an automatic weekly test.
  • All weather protection
  • Extra quiet operation
  • Computer friendly power

Automatic Back Up Generators are available to operate your entire home or selected rooms, equipment, or circuits. Be prepared for all emergencies and situations all the time by owning an Automatic Back Up Generator. Let one of TLC Electric’s expert Electricians discuss an option to fit your budget.

Automatic Back Up Generators are hardwired into your electrical panel and remain stationary on a cement pad outside your home or business. When the power goes out the Automatic Back-Up Generator automatically switches power over using a transfer switch and your propane or natural gas connections.