Electricians Available Today
Monday April 6th

Pool Equipment Repair & Installation

All Brands Including:
Pentair – Jandy – Hayward – Polaris

TLC’s Electricians have the experience and qualifications to properly and safely troubleshoot, repair, or replace all or part of your Swimming Pool’s Equipment System. Or you simply may want to replace your outdated equipment with a new energy efficient system and we can show you options and help you with that too.

Your Swimming Pool Equipment System may include:

   Pool Pump   Pool Lights
   Pool Pump Motor   LED Pool Lighting
   Pool Filter   Water Feature Lights
   Pool Filter Pump   Pool Electrical Panel
   Booster Pump   GFI & Grounding Protection
   Water Feature Pump & Motor   Equipment Control System
   Sweeper Pump & Motor   Salt Conversion System
   Spa Blower Motor   Automatic Chlorinator
   Pool Heater   Freeze Guard Protection
   Valve Actuators   Automatic Timer & Timeclock

If you are experiencing any of the following contact TLC Electrical to have your Pool Equipment inspected today.

   Grinding or Whining Noise   Freeze Guard Fails
   Air Bubbling Noise   Dirty Water – No Circulation
   No Power to Equipment   Jets Not Working
   Controls Not Responding   Water Not Heating
   Equipment Won’t Turn On   Tingling Feeling in the Water
   Breaker for Equipment Trips   Burning/Strong Ozone Smell
   Breaker Won’t Reset   High Power Bills

TLC Electrical offers Annual Maintenance for your Swimming Pool’s Equipment System.

Journeyman Electrician vs. “The Pool Guy”

TLC Electrical is an Authorized Pentair Installer, our Licensed Electricians receive Certified Training in Pentair’s Mobile Training Lab. They are ready to handle your Pool Equipment Repair & Installation project.  Call today at 817-424-2684.

Pentair Pool Equipment Training