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Your TLC Electrical Electrician can install your new indoor or outdoor Ceiling Fans.  Your Electrician will remove any existing Ceiling Fans, assemble, and install your new Ceiling Fans.  Ceiling Fans can also be installed in any new location and your Electrician can install new power at the new location.  Most Ceiling Fans are installed with light kits, brace boxes, and your choice of control options. Call TLC Electrical for your Ceiling Fan Installation today.

TLC Electrical has installed ceiling fans in just about any area of a home or business that you can think of. No matter the location, our electricians always do it the right way… THE SAFE WAY!


Interior Ceiling Fans can reduce your energy costs in the summer by making your room feel at least 10 degrees cooler and in winter by circulating the warmer air at the ceiling.  Remote Control options are available.


Ceiling Fans are not just for the interior of your home.  Exterior Ceiling Fans raise the comfort level of any Texas outdoor living area.  Ask your Electrician about improving your exterior living areas. Remote Control options are available.

Contact TLC Electrical at 817-424-2684 and schedule your Ceiling Fan Installation today.  See our Ceiling Fan Installation Special.