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All Brands Including:
Pentair – Jandy – Hayward – Polaris

When North Texas temperatures drop into the 30’s, call TLC Electrical. Pool pumps must run at 36 degrees or lower per manufacturers specifications. Automatic freeze guard protection takes care of all this for you. Freeze guards are set at 36 degrees and will turn your main circulating pump on and will keep it on until the temperature rises back above 36 degrees.

Should your Freeze Guard fail when the temperature drops  water may freezes in the pipes.  This freeze will block the flow of water running through the pool pump motor.  The pool pump motor will continue to run dry eventually causing it to burn up. This is a costly and completely avoidable repair.

TLC Electrical installs both Freeze Guard and Time clocks with Freeze Guard.  Let TLC inspect your swimming pool before you winterize it to ensure your Freeze Guard Protection is working properly.

TLC Electrical’s Emergency Service is available 24/7.  If your Freeze Guard Protection fails to operate contact us at 817-424-2684. TLC’s telephones are answered 24/7 by a live Dispatcher for an immediate response.