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Thursday May 28th

 Lighting Installation & Repair

TLC  Electrical’s Electricians repair or install every type of lighting fixture in the interior or exterior of your home. Lighting Installation including:

     Pendent Lighting   Art & Directional Lighting
     Vanity Lighting   Island & Billiard Lighting
     Bathroom Fixtures   Under-cabinet Lighting
     Kitchen Fixtures   Carriage Light Fixtures
     Flush Mount Fixtures   Security Lighting
     Wall Sconces   Sport Court Lighting
     Owner Furnished Lighting   Antique Lighting Fixtures
     Recessed Can Lights   Fluorescent Lighting

Task Lighting
provides enough light to clearly see what you are working on.  Types of Task Lighting include under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen or at any work station, vanity lighting in dressing areas and bathroom, or pendant lighting over islands or counter tops.There are three types of home lighting and each type can be incorporated into any room in your home to create the perfect space.

Ambient Lighting or room lighting is normally overhead lighting that lights a room or area.  Types of Ambient Lighting include ceiling fan lighting, chandelier lighting, recessed can lights, and ceiling mounted light fixtures.  To create the perfect setting, Ambient Lighting is usually controlled by a Dimmer Switch.

Accent Lighting also referred to as Decorative Lighting brings your eye to a particular area, feature, or object.  Light up art work, alcoves, mantels, display shelves, or small areas with Accent Lighting.

We can install a wide variety of lighting control options to fit your home decor and convenience needs including Dimmers, Switches, Remote Controls, and Home Automation.  Also, ask your TLC Electrical Electrician about energy efficient LED Lighting.