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TLC Electrical and Pentair swimming pool controls make scheduling and controlling the operation of your pool and spa equipment, water features, and swimming pool lighting simple, automatic, and affordable.

  • All Automation
  • AcuCheck3
  • Compool to EasyTouch Upgrade
  • EasyTouch Control Systems
  • EasyTouch PL4 and PSL4 Pool and Spa Control Systems
  • IntelliChem Chemical Controller
  • IntelliComm II Interface Adapter
  • IntellipH pH Controller
  • IntelliTouch Systems
  • ScreenLogic2 Interface For IntelliTouch and EasyTouch Automation Systems
  • SolarTouch Solar Control System
  • SunTouch Control System

With our automated control systems, scheduling and operating your filtration cycles, heating, pool and landscape lighting, sanitizing, waterfalls and fountains all will be blissfully automatic. System controllers and remote controls have been designed to be push-button simple, with easy-to-read digital displays and step-by-step menu driven instructions. Talk to your TLC Electrical Electrician about choosing the right swimming pool controls for your pool.