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Residential  & Commercial
Certified Electrical Inspection

TLC Electrical Electricians use the very latest in diagnostic equipment and  technology to perform your Certified Electrical Inspection. Each Certified Electrical Inspection comes with a complete written report, pictures and pricing for any necessary repairs. We back our findings with our Texas Department of Licensing & Registration (TDLR) issued Texas Electrical Contractor License (TECL 19542) as well as the License of the Electrician performing your Inspection.

Certified Electrical Inspections may be necessary for the following:

Real Estate Transactions – When purchasing or selling a residential or commercial property and an Inspection is required to negotiate a property value or purchase price.  Also may be used to validate or dispute the findings of a Home Inspector. Please note, potential buyers will need written consent from the current owner before we can perform this service.

Insurance Claims –  In the case of damage caused by lighting strikes, storms, surges, fires, water, vandalism, etc. it is helpful to have a Certified Electrical Inspection with a written report to submit to the Adjuster handling your damage claim.  Check with your Insurance Carrier, most of them cover the cost of Inspection. If necessary, we can communicate with the Adjuster and answer any questions regarding our written report.

Litigation – Should you bring a law suit or one be brought against you for faulty electrical work, undisclosed electrical conditions, or injury due to unsafe electrical systems you will need a Certified Electrical Inspection.  Consultation with attorneys or professional witness testimony will be at an additional charge.

Unlicensed, Incomplete, Or Abandoned Electrical Work – During a Certified Electrical Inspection our Electrician will be able to determine what has been completed to required code and what will need to be done in order to complete your electrical project.  In the case of unlicensed work an Inspection will be necessary to ensure the work has been completed to required code, determine what repairs will need to be made and obtain an Electrical Permit with the required municipality in order to make those repairs.

Your Meter Has Been “Pulled” – The power company can at anytime remove your electrical meter and interrupt your electrical service.  This happens when your electrical panel, grounding, weather head, or meter base is damaged or in poor condition or electrical power has been routed around the meter directly into the electrical panel.  The City and the power company than require a Certified Electrical Inspection and the entire property be brought up to current code. After the Inspection has been performed and needed repairs have been determined a permit will be required in order to make these repairs. After repairs are made the City will inspect the repairs and once approved the power company will reset your meter.  This process takes several days.

Obtain A Certificate of Occupancy (CO) – If a residential or commercial property has been abandoned or sat vacant for an extended period of time the City may require a Certified Electrical Inspection in order to obtain a CO.  If this is required we would follow the same process for a “pulled” meter above.

The cost of a Certified Electrical Inspection is determined onsite by one of our Licensed Electricians and is dependent on condition and square footage.