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The Average Home Could Have Over $15,000 Worth of Valuable Electronics and Appliances… which are susceptible to the damaging effects of surges.

Electrical surges can travel on your electrical, telephone, & cable lines into your home.  Lightning is one of the most damaging sources of electrical surges  but other sources include high winds, utility grid switching, other users on the power line, and internal surges from air conditioners, appliances, and power tools. Lightning-related surges can destroy computers, equipment, components, devices, and appliances suddenly but constant smaller surges eat away at computer boards eventually damaging and shortening the life of your computers, equipment, components, devices, and appliances.

Protect your investment in your home with Eaton Whole-House Surge Protection. An Eaton Whole-House Surge Protection unit is installed at the electrical panel and will continually regulate the amount of power coming through your electrical panel.

Eaton Whole-House Surge Protection protects all of your home systems and components including:

       Audio & Visual Systems   HVAC Systems
       Computer Systems   Kitchen Appliances
       Cable & Data   Garage/Shop Equipment

Benefits of Eaton Whole-House Surge Protection:

Saves You Money – After a powerful electrical surge, you will not have to replace or repair your electrical equipment.

Insures Your Electronics – For a relatively inexpensive price, you can ensure your  home’s connected electronics are protected.

Peace of Mind – The next time the power goes out or there is a lightning storm, you can rest easy knowing all your electronics are protected.  Eaton Whole-House Surge Protection comes with a connected equipment warranty up to $75,000.

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