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Dedicated Electrical Circuits
For Equipment & Appliances

A Dedicated Electrical Circuit is an electrical circuit powering a single outlet, appliance, or piece of equipment. Certain appliances and equipment use more electricity therefore to ensure uninterrupted power and avoid overloading a shared circuit they should be on their own Dedicated Electrical Circuit. Dedicated Electrical Circuits prevent the overloading and overheating of a multi-use circuit.

How do I know if I need a Dedicated Circuit installed?

  • An appliance or piece of equipment has a motor
  • The equipment or appliance is used to heat, freeze, or cool
  • Breakers trip when an appliance or piece of equipment is turned on
  • Lights dim when the appliance or piece equipment is turned on
  • A Dedicated Circuit is required per the manufactures instructions

Appliances that need a dedicated circuit include:


Electric Oven   Water Heater
Electric Stove Top   Jacuzzi Bathtub
Microwave   Central Vacuum System
Refrigerator   Pool Equipment
Freezer   Water Pumps
Dishwasher   Shop Equipment
Garbage Disposal   Tanning Bed
Washing Machine   Exercise Equipment
Clothes Dryer   Medical Equipment
Heating & Air Conditioning   Office & Data Equipment