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Monday April 6th

VIP Customer Protection Plan

VIP Service does not cost more at TLC Electrical; it actually costs less. It takes a great amount of effort to gain a new customer in DFW’s highly competitive Electrical Service environment and once we’ve earned your business we want to keep you as a valued and loyal customer. Explore our VIP Customer Protection Plan.

VIP Member Benefits

Immediate Savings – VIP Members receive an immediate savings of up to 20% on all diagnostics, repairs, and installations. When you are a loyal VIP Customer we save on Advertising Expenses and pass these saving on to you. For added value, you can also combine eligible offers and coupons with your VIP Customer Protection Plan discounts.

Discounted Service Fee – VIP Members pay a discounted Dispatch Fee for all Service Calls in our service area, including Emergency Service.

No Price Increases – Electrical materials follow precious metals market pricing and material costs can fluctuate greatly. However, VIP Member pricing is frozen during the term of your Protection Plan and you will not have a price increase on any service, repair, or installation during the effective period of your VIP Customer Protection Plan.

Preferential Scheduling – As a VIP Member you will receive preferential scheduling for service work and emergency repairs. Just let us know you are a member and we are on our way.

No After-Hour Fees – If you have an electrical emergency in the middle of the night, on a weekend or a holiday; TLC Electrical will dispatch an Electrician immediately. As a current VIP Member you will never pay extra for after-hour, weekend, or holiday emergencies.

VIP Electrical Safety Inspection – VIP Members receive an annual Electrical Safety Inspection and written report for each residential and/or commercial property you own in our service area. The value of your Safety Inspection starts at $249 and increases with the size of your property and amenities.  Your inspection is completely free and is included in your VIP Customer Protection Plan.

Multiple Properties – Your VIP Customer Protection Plan is valid for all residential and commercials properties that you own in our service area.

Transferable – If you move, your VIP Customer Protection Plan is transferable to the new home owners AND you can take it with you to any new home you purchase in our service area. As an added bonus, we will perform a VIP Electrical Safety Inspection when you purchase your new home at no additional cost to you.

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