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Beautiful & Efficient

LED lighting is the most energy saving and versatile lighting available. Its uniform, clean, and dependable lighting puts it at the front of lighting options for your home or office.  TLC Electrical offers LED solutions for every area in your home including:

       LED Tape Lighting   LED Fluorescent Retrofit
       LED Rope Lighting   Swimming Pool & Spa Lights
       Under-Counter Lighting   Landscape Lighting
       Above-Cabinet Lighting   Security Lighting
       Recessed Can Lights   Outdoor Lighting
       Decorative & Accent Lighting   LED Specialty Light Bulbs

Benefits of LED

LED is an energy-efficient and money-saving alternative to incandescent and fluorescent light fixtures. LED fixtures use a fraction of the energy as traditional lighting. They can pay for themselves in as little at 18 months.

Use Less Energy – Average cost is .11 per day vs. 1.20 per day for a 60 watt equivalent fixture.

Produce Less Heat – LED  produces significantly less heat than incandescent lighting.

Environmentally Safe – There are no mercury emissions from LED.

Long Lasting – A 60 watt incandescent bulb last approximately one year while it’s LED equivalent will last as long as 23 years.

Very Durable – LED lighting is resistant to jarring & bumping.

Color & Brightness Options – LED lighting come in a variety of brightness options and colors ranging from cool white to soft warm.

Dimmable Lighting –  LED lighting can be controlled by a Dimmer to achieve the exact setting you are wanting.

Instant-On – Turns on instantly with no warming time and is not effected by on/off cycling.

Call TLC Electrical today and schedule an appointment.  Our Electricians are LED Lighting Experts and can help you design a space that is perfect for your needs.