Scary Electrical Stories

Southlake Electricians – Pool Electrical – Don’t Swim with Shocks (3 of 3)

Southlake Electricians - TLC Electrical - Don't Swim with Shocks

You may have a heated pool and swim year-round. So our Southlake electricians have these words of advice: Don’t Swim with Shocks! Here’s another scary electrical story that could have ended in a very bad way. As a customer was getting ready to enjoy his swimming pool this past spring he noticed his pool equipment …

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Southlake Electricians – Electrical Panel Fire & Water Do Not Mix (2 of 3)

Southlake Electricians - TLC Electrical - Electrical Fire? Sound the alarm.

While this story from our Southlake electricians has a positive ending, it’s a scary story that could have turned out far worse. Remember, electrical fires and water do not mix. On a Sunday morning a customer lost power to his home.  Thinking it was just some tripped circuit breakers, he went into his garage to …

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