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Annual Maintainance for your Swimming Pool’s Equipmement System that includes:

   Clean & Lubricate Acuator Valves   Test & Check Connections
   Clean & Inspect Pool Heater   Check for Equipment Leaks
   Check Freeze Guard Operation   Lubricate Pump Debri Seal
   Test & Set Timers & Timeclock   Check Pump Debri Basket
   Test GFI for Amp Impedance   Clean Wall Disconnect Filter
   Clean & Inspect  Pool Panel   Clean Equipment Area

Don’t Swim With Shocks

At TLC Electrical we take Swimming Pool Electrical Safety very seriously. When new pools are built, national and local codes dictate how your pool equipent and lighting systems should be installed.  Over time these codes are updated to keep up with new equipment and technologh.  Codes change and through use and age systems deteriorate.  The US Product Safety Commission and The American Red Cross recommend a Licensed Electrician inspect and upgrade your Swimming Pool’s Electrical Systmes annually. Don’t Swim With Shocks!